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Sunday, June 12, 2016

6:34AM - Flirchi сайт знакомств общение без ограничений

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

6:10AM - Сайт знакомств года

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10:41PM - You heard, right?

Yahoo officially shut down Geocities for good.

They deleted my webpage long ago, so I'm not really affected. But, y'know, end of an era and all that....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

10:20PM - years and years

i miss mika.
i miss fighting with mika.
i miss mika and i bet he misses me too but neither of us has that personality feature that enables us to admit that to the other.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


its cold as nuts here in DC.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

6:28PM - i'm still alive

i'm not sure what my last update was, but I am still married to pau, just celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We have a beautiful crazy hyper liitle 15mth old son named roman. I am a stay at home mom, and we plan to homeschool roman as he gets older. I have a little store online where I sell some crafts. So thats me, drop me a line and let me know how your doing.

Current mood: busy

Friday, October 21, 2005

3:33AM - Paris cafe MSN spam

Is anyone else getting the paris cafe MSN group email spam?

Could the moderators please remove the random penis pill members and dirty xxx slut weblinks in the topics? along with the free study offers, the lose 200lbs in 10 minute diet pill ads and the rest of the useless crap we get slammed with ??

As much as blake loves the porn links, we already know he's got enough to do...

So MSN moderators, can someone please fix, or allow someone else to fix it soon?

It's just fucking annoying, sorry.

Current mood: annoyed

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


WOuldn't it be nice if we could just click our heels together and arrive at the place we are thinking about?

I wonder where Paris Cafe is?

I am sure it is the place with so much character, you don't ever want to leave.

..and the people? they always were and will be the nicest you could ever meet.

*clicks heels*

Current mood: contemplative

Monday, August 1, 2005

11:23PM - Just sharing....

I haven't really updated in here for a while. I think that last time I said anything was when I was working on writing a play. Well I'm happy to say that I have finished the play I was working on entitled "My Happy Ending", hopefully in due time it will become the first in a series on book I am developing. I am also hoping my show will make it's premeire next summer at Salem State College (Salem, MA) where I am currently a student. This is up in the air cause I am working on getting the money to put the show up (I'm estimating it will cost between $2,000-$6,000 to put up the show). Keep your fingers crossed for me.
In other news, I have been making a name for myself at the college working on other shows. At the beginning of this summer I worked as the assistant director of an original comedy called "Shake It Up" written and directed by a theater professor (Peter Zachari) at the school. Since he was in some of the "shorts" I did a lot of actual directing which was very exciting. After SIU closed I worked again with Peter on the musical "Return to the Forbidden Planet" which is pretty much Shakespeare's "The Tempest" set in outer space to 50's and 60's rock and roll music (ie. "Shake, Rattle, and Roll", "Gloria", "Good Vibrations", "Teenager In Love"). The show was so much fun to do, I kinda miss it. I am now directing my first show called "Human Action Theater" which is an anual performance put on for the incoming freshmen during orientation. It welcomes them to college and shows them what life will be like. They are learning a lesson from their peers as opposed to adult lecturing them. So far the show has been a lot of fun. I love my actors to death and I love how well everything is going.

So yeah that's it from me, I have cut in some pictures from my shows and as soon as HAT is wrapped up I'll have some pictures from that....

I'm gonna go outside and watch the thunder storm!!! Some thunder just set off someones car alarm and that makes me laugh...

Shake It UpCollapse )
Return To The Forbidden PlanetCollapse )

Peace and love to all!


Current mood: amused

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


hey my name is missing from the thingy down below where all the names are listed!

*edit* oh wait.. was that like a chat transcript or something? whoa... you guys have a new chatroom?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

8:48AM - Paris Cafe silliness

*** Topic for #ParisCafe: Welcome to Paris Café !!! Arts & Literature Chat
*** Topic for #ParisCafe set by DiscoZippah on Wednesday, 22 December 2004 1:35:01 AM
#ParisCafe: bowie77 &AuzServ
*** End of /NAMES list.
*** Channel Mode is +ntr
*** Channel created at Thursday, 27 January 2005 2:38:00 PM
> lol
-*AuzServ*- bowie77 Welcome to #ParisCafe, the Original Chat Community from Geocities Paris Cafe. Please Enjoy your Stay. Please Listen to Channel Hosts, Check out the Paris Cafe Community Websites http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pariscafegeo/ and on LiveJournal http://www.livejournal.com/community/paris_cafe/ Our Stats page is @ http://www.jella.net/stats/pariscafe.html
-*lick-it-up*- huh ?
*** i_eat_children (~-@auz-EBB37045.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined channel #ParisCafe
*** &AuzServ No such nick/channel
*** Mode change "+o i_eat_children" on #ParisCafe by bowie77
*** Mode change "+o bowie77" on #ParisCafe by bowie77
*** &AuzServ No such nick/channel
> this will be hilarious
okay.. so one of us sleeps and the other snaps at anyone we dont know?
> roflmao
or one of us asks random chatters for sexual favors and the other corrects spelling errors?
> hahahhaaaaaa yes!
just be sure it gets posted in our lj community.
* bowie77 snaps under the watchful glare of &AuzServ
and lets not forget to cover our assets: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
> oh most definitely
> oh oh oh...
> you ready for this?
*** bowie77 is now known as OmniKylie
> better still....
*** i_eat_children is now known as rngeezus
*** OmniKylie is now known as Kylie_the_Angel
> roflmao
> what about John the wendell
> lmao
> Hey Fucker!
> :oP
*** rngeezus is now known as airprot
* airprot lurks
> fuck off air!!!
> pmsl
> oh hang on
*** Kylie_the_Angel is now known as Jester
> :oD
> Hello Paris!
> hahhaaa
then again, we always knew the evil would never die
> yes
> I wonder where the cunt is now
*** Jester is now known as Salaroo
*** airprot is now known as untouchable786
> mikey!
ali, actually
> oops
> duh me
*** untouchable786 is now known as p_l_a_n_e_t
*** Salaroo is now known as LaDulcinea
there. NOW im a mike.
> yes!
> oh oh oh
> I know one....
*** LaDulcinea is now known as Dead_Cat
*** p_l_a_n_e_t is now known as sand_castles
> :o)
did they not promise to play mikasong on their radio show?
i wonder what came of that?
*** sand_castles is now known as sno77
> not sure
remember this guy/
> brb 1 sec
> yep!
> brb
*** Dead_Cat is now known as geezlaweezy
*** geezlaweezy is now known as JB_Youve_Done_It_Again
i forgot iona's 'kelly' nicks...
> i was about to
> lol but i decided best not to perhaps
oh, here's irony
> brb
*** sno77 is now known as obsessed_celeste
HeHe HeHe HeHe
she was actually here
in the lounge
*** obsessed_celeste is now known as trampoliine
there. now i have good boobs.
*** JB_Youve_Done_It_Again is now known as Zer0Cool
> back
are we done?
> i could go on but ahhh
i think im out of names
> services cracked a shit and i had to reset it
*** trampoliine is now known as inDELible
* inDELible bows to the audience we dont really have
> lol
> an outstanding performance this evening
*** Zer0Cool is now known as Zipzamzerpople
> Cha Cha Cha!! :oP

Thanks to all and sundry who's names might or might not have appeared in this transcript. Whilst we endeavoured to make sure names were remembered, Neither Del nor myself can be held liable for memory loss. Apologies to those who were there but not really there, if you know what i mean. No I am not on drugs.

Have a Nice Day :o)

Ciao bambini!!!

Current mood: silly

Monday, February 7, 2005



An important cross-posted message for those who chat.


please click the link, and post a reply.

thankyou for your time.



Monday, January 24, 2005

1:45PM - A Peak...

Just felt like giving ya'll a little update in the land of TobyG. As some of you may or may not know, I am working on writing a two-act play that my college will hopefully (with a lot of luck) be putting up next fall. I have decided that I'd give the world a sneak peak at the beginning... it's not much and means nothing but it's a preview and those are always fun...
Act 1: Scene 1

NARRATOR: Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...

The curtains are down with a forest scene on them. A large bush sits stage right and another stage left. A third medium sized bush and a tree stump sit mid stage, center stage. It is night. Enter DENMAD and NELLA from the rear of the theater, running to the front of the stage. DENMAD, wearing a brown tunic, is cut across the chest and bleeding. NELLA, wearing a dark red tunic with a dark blue cloak, is holding a baby, covered in a similar colored blanket. DENMAD falls to his knees, NELLA rushes to his side.

DENMAD: They are getting closer; I can feel them. Is there a safe place nearby that you can take her?
NELLA: My parents, they just live down that lane.
DENMAD: Go, take her to them. I’ll hold them off as long as I can. Standing, he takes the child into his arms. Goodbye my princess, may you find your happy ending.

Current mood: accomplished

Friday, January 7, 2005

10:58AM - Ack!!

So Six Apart bought LiveJournal...


Déjà vû?!

Let's hope for the best.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

9:48PM - Hey Chatters!

Hey ya'll!
I wish I could write a lot to you right now. I hope you all have a great holiday season!!!

Anyway some friends of mine are traveling over to London and England in general and were looking for cool (not psycho killer :-}) people to shack up with for a period of time.

Please please let me know ASAP.
my e-mail is still tobygncognito@hotmail.com

Happy Holidays!


aka TobyG

Thursday, September 9, 2004

4:16PM - Cross Posted Paris Cafe Notice

Hello Again! :o)

This is your Zippah Speaking... no don't look down there to
check, I'm right here.
In front of you.
Are you scared?

You should be.

I found an address book in my old email archive, which has
been hiding from me on this old Mac of mine for approximately 4
years. (and I lost many emails because I forgot about this old
computer!!! ! )  It contained about 58 email addresses of old
Paris People. No doubt, this message will get to only 2% of
those, however....

If you DO happen to read this, and can reply... Or know of people
you can forward this to.... Then forward it, ring ppl, sms them,
msn, yahell, icq, aol, spam them... You get the point- LET THEM
KNOW!!! please pass on the information.

Please Note: the following changes have occurred in the last 48
months, significant ageing notwithstanding!

...and don't forget there are 3 communities in which we all share,
and the infamous ParisCafé Chat !

Paris Cafe is actually alive!!!
People have problems with timezones, so... the best thing to do
is log on to Paris LJ Community and let everyone know when
you're going to be online. Leave your Paris Nickname if you need
to post anon - i.e. you don't have an LJ account.

Chat / Website / Journal info.  Copy these links to your browser:





Webring and Chat Links: (YES! there is java chat!!!)

Paris Café Webring Starts Here. JOIN THE WEBRING!

Java Chat  in #ParisCafe    (US Server)

Java Chat in #ParisCafe   (AU Server)

Download mIRC for auzchat

Remember, just like old GeoCities Days, you need to type /join
#ParisCafe in the textbox of the java applet to access the room!

What is mIRC?
MIRC is a standalone program for Windoze PC's used for
Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
With mIRC and it's various add-in scripts, you do not use the
java applets which were common for many IRC servers. Instead
you're running a program on your PC which accesses the IRC
server just like the java applet used to, only it's much faster, has
many more features in the program (like filesharing, direct
connections to other computers, mp3 servers etc... The list goes
on...) mIRC is scriptable, which means you can make it do pretty
much anything you like, if youre a techead, or you download the
script you like. However, many scripts are choked with spyware,
hidden browser handling objects, activeX plugins etc, that can
cause malicious damage to your computer or others you may be
connected to. You should always suss out a mIRC script before
you install it. Like all Windoze PC's you need a high level of
antivirus protection, spam protection and popup blocking before
you do anything internet related. Sad, but very true. Having said
this, mIRC is pretty much the only decent IRC program out there
on the Windows platform. It is by far the most popular and
widespread, which means it has some fabulous support, but
can also potentially be a problem.

Got MAC?
Mac Users... You have a few choices for IRC if you're not running
OS X. the 2 most popular are Ircle and Snak. Ircle is in it's own
right, a compact and well-rounded program with very basic
requirements and has many scripts available. It's extremely
popular in the mac community. The only downside to Ircle, is that
it doesn't replicate the mIRC color scheme perfectly, but it is
improving. Snak is a great IRC client for Mac users, there are
68K, PPC and carbon  versions, like Ircle. The main advantage of
Snak, is that it behaves exactly like mIRC, with some of the
cooler features of Ircle. Snak replicates the mIRC colour tags
exactly, and WYSIWYG, unlike the discrepancies between Ircle
and mIRC. Snak does support scripting, but not as good as Ircle.
Snak is also slower to load than Ircle – so you can see there are
tradeoffs, both are good overall, despite each having certain

Download ?
You can download mirc from http://www.mirc.com (original mirc
–no scripts )
http://www.iserv.com.au (watchdog script 5 which is good, but
really requires at least a Win2K OS Pentium3 733 and 128mb
ram to run well, even tho, I use it on my crappy P166 running
W2K, and it works well, but is slow to load initially)
or visit the mirc scripting page @ http://www.chat-x.com where
there are hundreds of scripts to suit your needs. Beware of
trojans and backdoors – always use realtime antivirus, popup
and protection if using an untested script.

For mac users, you can download IRCle from
http://www.ircle.com or Snak Carbon from  http://www.snak.com
or visit http://www.versiontracker.com and search for an IRC
client to suit your needs

Linux & Un*x users: well you all know too much for your own
good anyway, so I don't need to tell you where to go... (or should
I? :oP hehe) Most of you probably know the various distributions
have at least a tarball or gzip, and most already install a client.
Chat-X and bitch-x are popular, as is ircII. You choose...

OK, I got the program, Now What?

Cant find anyone in Paris? If you've logged into Auzchat's IRC
server and cant find #ParisCafe, don't despair! If I'm not around,
just type /join #ParisCafe  If you're totally lost, just  /join #lounge
and look for DiscoZippah. or ask for Zippah.  The server owners
– Fleurinda, Stray and Rollo can also help you. – remember,
Yahell and LJ are good places to start letting people know if
you're going to be around, those who use MSN and AOL should
also share! It only works if you let people know !

Just pick a server from the list below and /join #pariscafe

AuZchat's server list:

(All use port 6667)

Random auzchat server:
irc.auzchat.com:6667   irc.auzchat.net:6667

Join the new Paris Cafe Webring !


Chat in paris Cafe !!!


Current mood: bouncy

Monday, July 26, 2004




*louder, closer loon-call*

yes i mean you! yeesh!


just some random stuff.. *pause to slap mosquito* ...to remind you why im the only paris person left in minnesota.

skeeters must die! state bird or not. *leaves, slapping two more mosquitoes to death*

Current mood: bored

Saturday, July 17, 2004

7:17PM - Stuff...

Boredom gives way to Depression?

Thinking about things too much is irritating me to the point where I just want to go surfing and be eaten by a large shark.

Tonight my fave footy game is on TV and I can't watch it because if I do, my negative energy will make the Lions lose to the pies. That would be just wrong.

Collingwood fucking SUCK. Go Lions. woot.


you can tell how excited I am eh?

This is how it is for me, and has been for the last 2 weeks.

I think I need a girlfriend or something, to occupy my time.

Current mood: depressed

Monday, July 5, 2004

8:51PM - Slang

Can some Aussie tell me what they understand by "whoop whoop"?

Saturday, June 5, 2004

6:57PM - Hi Hellooo

Just wondering where everyone is...

It's half past seven. Saturday night. I'm bored. Being lazy.

anybody out there?


Current mood: bored

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