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Paris Cafe silliness

*** Topic for #ParisCafe: Welcome to Paris Café !!! Arts & Literature Chat
*** Topic for #ParisCafe set by DiscoZippah on Wednesday, 22 December 2004 1:35:01 AM
#ParisCafe: bowie77 &AuzServ
*** End of /NAMES list.
*** Channel Mode is +ntr
*** Channel created at Thursday, 27 January 2005 2:38:00 PM
> lol
-*AuzServ*- bowie77 Welcome to #ParisCafe, the Original Chat Community from Geocities Paris Cafe. Please Enjoy your Stay. Please Listen to Channel Hosts, Check out the Paris Cafe Community Websites and on LiveJournal Our Stats page is @
-*lick-it-up*- huh ?
*** i_eat_children ( has joined channel #ParisCafe
*** &AuzServ No such nick/channel
*** Mode change "+o i_eat_children" on #ParisCafe by bowie77
*** Mode change "+o bowie77" on #ParisCafe by bowie77
*** &AuzServ No such nick/channel
> this will be hilarious
okay.. so one of us sleeps and the other snaps at anyone we dont know?
> roflmao
or one of us asks random chatters for sexual favors and the other corrects spelling errors?
> hahahhaaaaaa yes!
just be sure it gets posted in our lj community.
* bowie77 snaps under the watchful glare of &AuzServ
and lets not forget to cover our assets: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
> oh most definitely
> oh oh oh...
> you ready for this?
*** bowie77 is now known as OmniKylie
> better still....
*** i_eat_children is now known as rngeezus
*** OmniKylie is now known as Kylie_the_Angel
> roflmao
> what about John the wendell
> lmao
> Hey Fucker!
> :oP
*** rngeezus is now known as airprot
* airprot lurks
> fuck off air!!!
> pmsl
> oh hang on
*** Kylie_the_Angel is now known as Jester
> :oD
> Hello Paris!
> hahhaaa
then again, we always knew the evil would never die
> yes
> I wonder where the cunt is now
*** Jester is now known as Salaroo
*** airprot is now known as untouchable786
> mikey!
ali, actually
> oops
> duh me
*** untouchable786 is now known as p_l_a_n_e_t
*** Salaroo is now known as LaDulcinea
there. NOW im a mike.
> yes!
> oh oh oh
> I know one....
*** LaDulcinea is now known as Dead_Cat
*** p_l_a_n_e_t is now known as sand_castles
> :o)
did they not promise to play mikasong on their radio show?
i wonder what came of that?
*** sand_castles is now known as sno77
> not sure
remember this guy/
> brb 1 sec
> yep!
> brb
*** Dead_Cat is now known as geezlaweezy
*** geezlaweezy is now known as JB_Youve_Done_It_Again
i forgot iona's 'kelly' nicks...
> i was about to
> lol but i decided best not to perhaps
oh, here's irony
> brb
*** sno77 is now known as obsessed_celeste
HeHe HeHe HeHe
she was actually here
in the lounge
*** obsessed_celeste is now known as trampoliine
there. now i have good boobs.
*** JB_Youve_Done_It_Again is now known as Zer0Cool
> back
are we done?
> i could go on but ahhh
i think im out of names
> services cracked a shit and i had to reset it
*** trampoliine is now known as inDELible
* inDELible bows to the audience we dont really have
> lol
> an outstanding performance this evening
*** Zer0Cool is now known as Zipzamzerpople
> Cha Cha Cha!! :oP

Thanks to all and sundry who's names might or might not have appeared in this transcript. Whilst we endeavoured to make sure names were remembered, Neither Del nor myself can be held liable for memory loss. Apologies to those who were there but not really there, if you know what i mean. No I am not on drugs.

Have a Nice Day :o)

Ciao bambini!!!
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In here I can proudly use my real name---Airport!
Not "airprot"!
Hello to all former and present Parisians.
This stil doesn't work for me. Does it still exist? Where is it?
Still doesn't work for me either. I thought it was the fault of the shoddy computer I have to use at work. Because I'm too poor to afford internet at my apartment. Because I suck. And so does my job. Perhaps we could arrange an alternate chat site?
No, it's not my computer or connection, it used to work for me months ago, now the page just isn't there. I wondered if Zips moved it.
Perhaps we should say that the internet ate it and leave it at that. I do wish it was up and running so that I could waste even more time at work.
Well there is a chatroom at the MSN board, I don't know if anyone uses it though. You could make a new post here inviting people over and sit there and wait, maybe some will show up!
You know, that's not a half bad idea. I wonder if this computer will let me install what I need to in order to run a chat program. Hmmm... It would sure beat sitting here obsessively updating my lj and facebook!
I forget my password there but I could make a new account or retrieve the pw. Let me know if you get anything going there, I miss people.
bloody tossers! ;P